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9/22/2017  Tips and reminders for old and new alike.
As we approach our third Saturday of the season, I wanted to jot down some news and notes that will make our lives easier on game days.   
  • 8U fields now have goal areas and penalty areas.  We will have to teach proper goal kick procedure during the games.
    1. Ball can be placed anywhere in the goal area.
    1. Opposing players (only) must be outside the penalty area.
    2. The ball is not in play until it leaves the penalty area.  If ball is touched before it leaves the area, retake the goal kick.  
    3. The player taking the goal kick cannot play the ball until it is touched by another player.  If this happens AFTER the ball is in play the restart is a kick for the opposing team.
  • 8U - A player standing in front of the goal is not a goal keeper, he/she is a poorly placed defender.  A goalkeeper by definition. is one who is allowed to their hands to play the ball.  Please pass this along verbatim should you receive a compliant from an opposing coach.  For those of us more experienced may discuss with the complainant to observe the match and watch how the team playing with the defender in front of the goal is, in essence playing 4 v. 3 and at a disadvantage.  Our Coach Administrator and staff are looking to better educate coaches at every opportunity.  Please let me know if this is an issue at any match. 
  • 10U and the Build Out Line.  We all have to know and understand this.  We have to be more consistent on this.  Here are the highlights, if you are unsure about anything, please, please ask me. 
    • When the ball is the possession of the GK or ball is out of play for a goal kick, opposing players must retreat past the BOL.
    • The goal keeper must throw, roll or pass the ball to a teammate on their own side of the BOL. The GK may dribble the ball before passing to a teammate.  
    • The infraction for deliberately playing the ball beyond the BOL is an IFK for the opposing team at the spot the infraction occurred. 
    • Players may reenter the attack as soon as the GK releases the ball with his/her hands or the ball is kicked on a goal kick.
  • Punting - I'm still missing this one! It is so natural to my mind to watch a punt I forget we can't do that anymore.  Same for the kid who has been doing this for four years.  Don't worry about it, you will be reminded, so acknowledge, apologize and keep playing!  If it dramatically had just affected play you should stop, otherwise a reminder to the GK next time is probably sufficient.  The restart for this offence is an IFK from the spot of the infraction.  
That's probably enough for now.  Don't forget to review the Laws of the Game.  Call the fouls, watch for the pushing and charging, especially with the young ones.  Know the restart for each offence.  Ask questions.   

Here's a good article from Referee Magazine.

 From Officer TC of the Bangor, Maine Police Department (like their Facebook page for a good read) …

 Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here.

 As always email your questions and comments to me at  Your corrections to all my errors could be the subject of the next blog.  

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